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There's no doubt about it, live music will be the heart and soul of your wedding reception. Finding a reliable, talented and dedicated singer/musician or band can be quite daunting. Whilst some couples will have an idea in their heads of what they are looking for, some haven't got a clue! In the second instance generally bride and grooms will go with a DJ because that's the easiest option. Most venues often have a resident DJ they recommend, although these are not actual 'DJ's and usually aren't great, so lots of couples go with Sister Sax for the entire evening (live music and disco.)

Sister Sax evening live music
Sister Sax evening live music 2

While the idea of having a big band can seem like a good idea, this option is more costly and adds thousands to your ever growing wedding bill!
With Sister Sax they will create the atmosphere and vibe you are looking for, at an extremely reasonable price. It is their ever expanding music variety which will ensure a packed dance floor with all ages. Your guests will experience the pleasure of a live performance, and Kay works with a crowd to involve them and make everyone feel like they can get up and boogie.

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As professionals, Sister Sax are open to your likes and dislikes, adding your favourites into their live sets as well as their disco option. Although many couples are more than happy to book them based on their website, footage, music samples and testimonials, Kay will always invite you along to a local gig to listen live and get a feel for her vocal and saxophone styles.

In addition to having the live music solo or duo option, there is also the chance to have a saxophonist playing live with your resident DJ or with the Sister Sax Disco. Sax players are being featured now in a lot of modern chart music (it's like the 80's all over again!!), and also in the most stylish nightclubs across London and Ibiza. More and more couples are wanting to have a piece of the sax action, and there is nothing that will get a crowd going more than a live saxophone playing along to all of your chosen tunes. This will only enhance your evening and give you and your guests a night to remember.

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Sister Sax evening live - Kay with the bride

Please be advised that the starting prices for each music package are based on weekday weddings.
There will also be a small surcharge for venues outside of the Essex county. Thank You.


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